Our Philosophy


Finding the right candidates for the right jobs.


Our philosophy is simple: match the right people to the right jobs, and support our recruits with the tools and skills they need to live and work in Canada so that they can focus on contributing to our clients’ success. Because retention is the key to driving your costs down and revenues up.


What sets us apart and provides a competitive advantage for our clients is:

  • We specialize in the transportation, industrial and many other needs of various sectors – long-haul drivers, commerical tire technicians, journeymen mechanics and trades personnel
  • We are full-service, providing as much or as little support as you want
  • We don’t just supply, we teach, because we believe that sharing our knowledge is good for the industry at large
  • We focus on long-term success and work with employers and employee candidates who share our philosophy
  • We have an an unparalleled retention rate of 97%
  • 92% of our mechanics pass their red seal exam on first attempt.

You select the candidate and we do the rest.
We ensure that the hiring of foreign workers takes the same effort as hiring Canadian workers. We do this by taking care of all formal paperwork: Labour Market Opinion (LMO), immigration paper work, driver evaluation and driver licensing, Red Seal Exams, housing requirements, transportation and more. This forms just part of our full-service commitment to our clients.


We will be there to assist you when you need us.
We do not walk away after the candidate selection process. In fact, our role is just beginning after you select your candidate. We are there when candidates are ready to make the transition from a Temporary Foreign Worker to a Permanent Resident.


We take the stress out of matching the best candidates and companies.


For our Clients:
We know that while demand and supply fluctuate, your customers’ expectations don’t. We efficiently and successfully meet your short-term needs so that your service to your customers is seamless.


For your Employees:
We know from experience how hard the transition to a new country can be. We work with you and your family to ensure you are well-positioned for success in Canada. We provide support once you are here to help you overcome the challenges of living and working in Canada.