Strategic Alliances and Affiliations


Mountain Transport Institute Ltd. (MTI) – Because we know that you need drivers who can safely navigate the Canadian terrain, we work with MTI, one of North America’s leading professional driver training schools to pre-screen our candidates. All our drivers are pre-evaluated in their home country before they arrive in Canada.


How it works

MTI representatives travel to a candidate’s home country where they conduct individual evaluations to determine if a candidate’s skills meet our standards. If candidates pass the preliminary evaluation and subsequent screening, we enroll them in MTI’s training program when they arrive in Canada. As part of MTI’s training, qualified international drivers receive at least one-week of in-Canada training, which includes courses in Air Brakes, Pre-Trip Inspection, Log Books, Smart Driver for Highway Trucking and all Canadian licensing. Additional training for WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Mountain Driving, and Backing of B-Trains is also available.


More information on MTI’s training programs and application process are available on its website.


The Bridge Consulting Group Inc. – Because we know the immigration process and the frustration of coordinating with multiple agencies, we created a subsidiary company that works exclusively with our clients to meet your immigration processing requirements. Bridge Consulting is ICCRC certified and works seamlessly with us so you don’t have to worry about the paperwork.

Canadian trucking associations – Pro Hire Solutions is a member in good standing of the BC Trucking Association, Alberta Motor Transport Association, Manitoba Trucking Association and Saskatchewan Trucking Association. We also participate on the BCTA Human Resources Committee.
Pro Hire Solutions is a member of the following:
BC Trucking Association
Alberta Motor Transport Association
Manitoba Trucking Association
Saskatchewan Trucking Association


We are licensed by the Alberta Fair Trade Act License number #33 6026 and the BC Employment Standards #169 413.