Candidate Resources


Apprenticeship Information

Pro Hire Solutions supports candidates interested in becoming trade apprentices. To get a head start on your apprenticeship process, visit the websites below.


Resume Tips

We believe in supporting our candidates throughout the application and interview process to help prepare you for the candidate recruitment process.

The first step to getting employment placement through Pro Hire Solutions is submitting your resume. When submitting your resume to us, please ensure you:

  • Use easy-to-read fonts
  • List your contact information clearly and prominently at the top of the page
  • Use bullet points and simple language
  • Provide your educational history, academic achievement and work experience
  • Provide information about gaps in employment (i.e. laid off)
  • Proofread for grammatical and spelling errors
  • Put forward your best effort. Your resume is a reflection of your commitment.


Interview Preparation

An interview is your one chance to make a good first impression. Preparing in advance of your interview can make or break your successful employment placement. Remember to prepare for your interview by:

  • Researching the employer and learning about their industry
  • Understanding the company’s financial structure, organizational structure, employment numbers, equipment fleet, etc.
  • Researching the company’s competitors and their place in the market
  • Printing a spare resume to bring to the interview

We will conduct a mock interview with you to assist with preparation for your interview.


Interview Etiquette

The interview is an opportunity for you to learn about the employer and not just for the employer to learn about you. Employers want people who are interested in their company and the industry. During the interview:

  • Ask relevant and appropriate questions about their business and company
  • Briefly pause and think about your responses prior to answering, especially with difficult questions
  • Answer questions truthfully and factually
  • Ask for clarification to questions you do not understand
  • Inquire about the interview process and the expected timeframe for candidate selection
  • Relax and be confident


After the Interview

Contact your recruitment specialist and provide an update on the interview. Your recruitment specialist is available to help you through the process and will coach you on next steps.