Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply to become a Pro Hire Solutions candidate?

To begin the application process, submit your resume to us online. If your credentials meet our criteria, a recruitment specialist will contact you to discuss next steps.


How long before I am selected as a candidate?

Candidates who meet our criteria typically receive a phone call or email from a Pro Hire Solutions recruitment specialist in one to two business days. We carefully review every resume that is submitted and each candidate is screened and selected based on our 14-point check system. We cannot guarantee that you will be selected as a candidate.


How long will it take to get employment?

Employment placement (from start to finish) can take anywhere from three to six months depending on market demands, employers’ timing and a candidate’s interview success.


Will Pro Hire Solutions assist international workers obtain the necessary Canadian work permits?

Yes, Pro Hire Solutions assists international workers with Canadian work permits.


What language requirements are needed?

Good written and verbal English skills are needed. In some cases, French is a required language. Our recruitment specialists assess our candidates’ language skills.


What are the costs to become a Pro Hire Solutions candidate?

There are no costs to become a candidate. We comply fully with Canadian employment law for recruiting services. Employers pay us to help them find quality candidates.  Why not contact us today to see if you are eligible?