Frequently Asked Questions


If you have additional questions, please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with a Pro Hire Solutions recruitment specialist.


What candidates are available?


We offer:

  • Professional Class 1 drivers
  • Tradespeople who are red seal certified or working towards obtaining their red seal as truck and transport mechanics, heavy duty mechanics, welders, iron workers and electricians, etc.
  • Qualified tire technicans


How does Pro Hire Solutions find candidates?

We have access to a large database of qualified drivers and skilled tradespeople. We screen each candidate and provide our selections to our clients. Clients make the final hiring decision.


How long does it take to find candidates?

Our recruiting specialists can provide a list of potential candidates within a few hours of your request and because our candidates are pre-screened and we have affiliations with immigration services, the hiring process is fast and efficient. The entire process from start of search to start of work can take anywhere from several days to several weeks depending on our client’s needs.


What is the Pro Hire Solutions screening process?

Our intensive screening process sets us apart. We assess each candidate using an intensive14-point check system. Most internally managed selection processes are not able to do this.



How do you ensure that drivers are qualified?

We go the extra mile by requiring candidates to physically drive and prove their professional competency with an instructor from Mountain Transport Institute Ltd. All our drivers are pre-evaluated in their home country before arriving in Canada.


Can I meet candidates prior to hiring them?

Pro Hire Solutions sees this as an essential step in the hiring process. Our recruiters will facilitate a videoconference meeting between you and the candidate in their country.


What are the retention rates with hiring Pro Hire Solutions candidates?

We have a 97% retention rate, which we credit to our unparalleled recruiting practices and our ongoing commitment to our candidates as they work in Canada. 


What is your experience with recruiting international workers?

Recruiting international workers is our specialty. Pro Hire Solutions recruiters are well trained to assist employers throughout the process and can answer your questions and address any concerns you may have along the way.


What is the cost to use your services?

We offer competitive rates for our services. As each client’s needs vary, we encourage you to call us directly. Our recruiting specialists will provide a cost quote that meets your specific request for our services.


What settlement services do you offer to candidates?

Pro Hire Solutions’ settlement services help candidates successfully transition to working in Canada. We go the extra mile to help candidates and their families settle in. From meeting them at the airport to helping them find a place to live – our recruitment experts ensure the move is seamless. We believe this contributes to a higher retention rate.


How do you help with federal government paper work for international workers?

As part of our services we take care of all federal government requirements and paper work so you don’t have to.