Settlement Services and Retention


Post-Hire Settlement and Retention


Pro Hire Solutions’ recruitment specialists understand the logistical challenges associated with relocating to a new country. Our post-hire settlement and retention services help new employees, and their families, transition to Canada. Our approach facilitates a long-standing employer-worker relationship, which is key to retaining employees and preventing turnover.

Once the assessment and selection has taken place, we will help you meet your new employee before they arrive in Canada. We help candidates by arranging suitable housing for them, coordinating their Canadian foreign worker license, assisting them to open bank accounts and helping them obtain their social insurance number.


What do we do to help workers settle in?

  • Make travel/housing arrangements
  • Meet candidate and family at airport
  • Settlement services and social orientation
  • Accompany candidate to start first day of work
  • Housing as number one
  • Tools
  • Transportation to get to work
  • Social Insurance Numbers (SIN numbers)
  • Bank Accounts


Why do we do this?

  • Because workers have families
  • Because employers don’t have time to help new workers with the basics
  • Because foreign workers cope well and stay longer if they feel well settled

Arrival & Settlement Services

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Family Testimonial
Our settlement services make a difference in workers’ lives. Read what people are saying about us.


Dear Dr. Patterson,


I wish to use this medium to express my profound gratitude for any and all kindnesses extended to my husband, Gerald. I am so accustomed to taking care of him and I was really touched when he sang your praises.


Thank you ever so much for everything you have done for him. I do hope I will have the pleasure of thanking you in person one of these days. He has spoken so highly of you and my gratitude knows no bounds. May God continue to bless you and your family.


Warmest Regards,